Mixer is a next generation game streaming service that’s changing one-way streaming by making it so viewers get to watch and interact with their favorite streams.

So to celebrate the launch of this new streaming service, on May 25th, 2017 we took one of the oldest (and most passive) ways to celebrate - fireworks - and gave it a modern update: Mixer interactivity.

Once the event went live, our two streaming hosts interacted with the community as viewers spent their Sparks - the on-platform currency - to trigger thousands of fireworks in real-time.

 So many people ended up participating in this first-of-its-kind experience that over the course of 11 waves of fireworks we far surpassed our original 1 million Spark count goal, achieving 4.3 million Sparks. We also temporarily broke the Mixer platform.

Day-of launch, we introduced the new Mixer logo via blue and white bursts. The entire installation was built by hand out of hundreds of flares and took all of three seconds to ignite. This slow-mo reveal swept across social media as it sparked curiosity and set the stage for the interactive live-streaming fireworks show to come.