Halo Wars 2 breaks the conventions of real-time strategy games with its new fast-action Blitz mode. So for the launch, we needed a campaign as lightning-quick and genre-defying as the game itself. That’s why we partnered with Twitter to create the first game played entirely through Twitter’s new Direct Messaging platform.

It all started with a tweet for help from Isabel, a new A.I. from the Halo Wars 2 story arc. 

Then the Halo-verse went crazy answering her call. 

Players were served hundreds of possible card combinations to battle against their friends or the computer in an escalating three-round war. 

Isabel responded to players' moves in real-time with custom DM tweets. We built a crazy, massive back-end to support this interactivity, with thousands upon thousands of lines for every possible scenario.

In doing so, Isabel became the first-ever character from the Halo-verse that players could have a conversation with.

At the end of each match, winners could share custom GIFs of their final battle-winning move. These are just four of dozens players went wild collecting, along with codes for exclusive vehicles redeemable in-game.

In the end, over 54,000 battles were played with an unheard of 94% completion rate. 

And even Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey got in on the action, stating "this is our favorite use of the new direct messaging platform to date."